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Labour Law Review The Journal's core areas of focus include: Labour/Industrial law, Employment law, Trade Union law, Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management

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Managing Expatriates in Employment: Legal, HR & Tax Perspectives Managing Expatriates in Employment is a complete reference work and a practitioner’s guide on managing expatriates in employment. The first of its kind in Nigeria, the book is divided into 8 Chapters including an appendix. Chapter One deals with Expatriate Quotas, Residence and..... Subscribe Now
Casenotes On The Law And Practice Of Arbitration In Nigeria CASENOTES ON THE LAW AND PRACTICE OF ARBITRATION IN NIGERIA is an authoritative and a complete practice guide for arbitrators, counsel and researchers. The work guides the reader through virtually every area of the law and practice of Arbitration in Nigeria. Subscribe Now
Energy Law Review (A Quarterly Journal) Energy Law Review is the foremost journal on energy and natural resources law in Nigeria and is widely accepted in the energy and other related industries. The journal’s coverage includes oil and gas, power, nuclear energy, renewable and related energy sources. It boasts of very insightful papers on the subject areas which have a more practical rather than theoretical orientation.Subscribe Now
Local Content in Africa’s Petroleum States: Law and Policy This comprehensive book on local content discusses the local content laws and policies of some of Africa’s petroleum States. It covers countries like Angola, Nigeria and Ghana, countries with existing petroleum legislations and emerging petroleum States like Mozambique, etc.Subscribe Now
Business Law Review The Journal's coverage includes: Company Law and Practice, Maritime & Admiralty Law, Telecommunications & Information Technology Law, Law of Banking, Insurance Law, Foreign Investment Law, Aviation Law, Equipment Leasing Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property Law, Arbitration, Petroleum/Energy Law, Privatization and Tobacco Registration Law.Subscribe Now
Legislative Practice Review The scope includes: Legislative Powers, Privileges & Immunities, Issues in Impeachment Proceedings, Legislative Drafting, Law making Process and Procedures, Issues in Legislature - Executive Relations, Issues in States & Local Govt. Creation, Gender and Parliamentary Representation, Legislature & Globalisation, Comparative Legislative Practice, ...Subscribe Now
Nigerian Tax Notes Nigerian Tax Notes is a monthly journal of Nigerian Tax Law. Conceived as a complete practitioners guide on Nigerian Law of Taxation. It provides a concise guide on selected topical issues in Nigerian Taxation. The monthly journal is a complete reference work on the primary sources of the Nigerian Law of Taxation by experts on the subject. Subscribe Now
Annotated Nigerian Labour Legislation(2nd edition published in 2014)
This is a compendium of Nigerian labour statutes with expert commentaries. It is a complete reference work on the primary sources of Employment law, Labour/Industrial & Trade Union Law in Nigeria. The work is rich in Nigerian and foreign case law including a comparative analysis & suggestions for reform.
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Nigerian Tax Law Reports (1960-2010) This is a compilation of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions on taxation between 1960 - 2010. The work comes in 2 volumes Subscribe Now